Five Health and Fitness Related Ideas to Try This Spring

by Sarah Price


Spring is a time for change, so why not shake things up with your health and wellness?  If you feel like you are stuck in a rut with your current fitness routine or health regimen, try one (or more!) of these suggestions:


  1. Get up early! Have you ever thought to yourself, “How do those early risers find the motivation to get to the gym at 5:15 AM, workout, and then go to work?  They MUST be crazy!”  Actually, they are not!  Growing research shows that early risers are more likely to stick to a workout routine, have elevated moods, and more overall energy.  According to Women’s Health Magazine, early birds are less likely to skip their morning workout.  In addition, a study performed in Germany in 2013 showed that early risers are at lower risk for depression. So get up early, work out, and feel better all day!


  1. Try a new fitness routine. Changing your workout regimen can improve your overall fitness by helping to break through plateaus, prevent overuse injuries, and create excitement about working out if you are feeling stuck in a rut.  By mixing up your routine, you keep the workout fresh and may even discover a few muscles you have not worked in a while.


  1. Treat yourself to a new workout outfit. This may seem “girlie,” but guys, you too can get on board with this one!  Not only does having something new to wear to the gym make you excited to go workout, but the new threads will fit better and feel better than your old, sweat ridden shorts.  Just try it….you’ll see!


  1. Increase your water intake by 8oz. Hydration is a huge component of health and wellness.  The benefits of drinking water are endless; improved kidney functions and heart health, as well as lubricating our joints and increased energy are just a few advantages to gulping down a few extra ounces a day.  Grab a water bottle that holds a larger capacity than you are accustomed to and drink your way to a healthier body!


  1. Eat a rainbow every day. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables every day will ensure you are getting the proper vitamins and minerals necessary to stay healthy and ward off illness.  According to Physicist Alan Henry, “The key is to note that certain colors of food indicate an abundance of specific nutrients. For example, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables (citrus fruits, gourds, for example) are abundant in vitamins C and A. Green fruits and veggies (kale, spinach, asparagus, avocado) are high in vitamins K, B, and E. Purple produce on the other hand (eggplant, red cabbage, grapes) are high in vitamins C and K. The reason you can tell these from looking is because plants often derive their colors from various phytochemicals found in them. Those chemicals then offer you different nutrients when they’re eaten.”  So aim to eat a rainbow every day…just not the Skittles kind!

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