For cardiovascular exercise TAC offers treadmills, rowers, ellipticals, stair climbers, recumbent and upright bikes.  All this equipment helps improve stamina, balance, and aids in rehabilitating injuries. All pieces have access to cable TV.

Our fitness floor is equipped with functional training equipment; dumbbells, kettlebells, tubing, therapy and medicine balls.  Also free weights and over 60 machines.

Fitness Orientations are FREE.

Weight Lifting
Timberhill Athletic Club offers 60+ pieces of weight lifting equipment.

12 plate loaded stations.

Barbells from 5 – 110 lbs.

2 sets of dumbbells ranging from 1-100 lbs.

We offer FREE equipment orientations and exercise programs to help get you started. Our Fitness Staff is available to answer questions and to help make your workouts effective and efficient. The choices are endless; keeping your workouts fresh is no problem.

Kids Fitness

Kids Fitness Program
TAC offers equipment orientations for children, 8 years of age and up, on the fitness floor. Orientations cover the basics from safety, club etiquette, proper use of equipment and technique for each developmental age. All programs are age appropriate. Contact a Fitness Staff or make an appointment at the Front Desk.

Kids Swim Workout
One-Two-Three-Jump! This supervised lap swimming class, offered to kids able to swim laps, is a blast! Kids have fun while improving their stroke, breathing, and endurance. Participants must be able to swim at least one lap, using any stroke, in the big pool. KSW is not a swim team. It is a group of kids who like to swim for the fun, and the health of it. There is no registration or fee for this class. Students may drop in at any time to enjoy a supervised swim workout.

Racquetball Jr. Instructional Leagues
Kids develop hand/eye coordination and build self confidence! Instruction and match play for all levels. Session end with a pizza party & raffle. Sign-up or contact Rob Durbin for further questions at 541-757-8559.

Water Babies
This class is offered to children ages 6 months to 3 years, and their parents. We sing songs and play games to teach the basics of water adjustment, safety, and swimming techniques

Low impact classes for those going through health treatments