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Personal Training in Corvallis at TAC

Personal training gives you the opportunity to exercise in a one-on-one, or in a small group environment with a fitness professional that understands your fitness goals. After assessing your needs, your trainer will design a fitness plan just for you and safely coach you through effective exercise sessions.Whether you want to lose weight, heal an injury or compete in a sporting event, our personal trainers can help you. All of our personal trainers are experienced, educated and certified by accredited sports and fitness organization. At Timberhill Athletic Club you’ll receive highly-qualified instruction from professionals committed to your fitness.

STEVESteve Sackmann
Fitness Director, Personal Trainer »

Director of Fitness Operations. A.C.S.M., A.C.E. certified. Personal Trainer over 20 years experience with 30 plus years in the Fitness industry. Steve specializes in cardiac, back, and shoulder rehab. He is excellent with athletic performance and event training for marathons, hiking, triathlons and skiing. He offers an annual Ski conditioning class in the fall. Steve enjoys skiing, backpacking, golf, raising his two kids and a strong cup of coffee.

BBrian Grossnicklaus
Personal Trainer »

A.C.E. certified, Strength and Conditioning coach for over 15 years. Brian specializes in sport specific programs, knee rehab, and advanced bodybuilding. Brian’s excellence in writing exercise programs makes him the staff favorite for motivation and change. Brian enjoys bicycling, computers and spending time with his family.

Jenny-Miller Timberhill BioJenny Miller
A.C.E. certified, Fitness instructor for 10 years. »

Jenny specializes in group training, programs for seniors, general fitness weight lifting programs, ski conditioning, and women’s programs. In addition, Jenny teaches indoor cycling classes.  She enjoys skiing, mountain biking, ultimate frisbee, frisbee golf, and running with her dog.

Timberhill Staff In Corvallis OregonKyle Larkin
Personal Trainer:

13 years personal training experience. Specializes in corrective exercise for planar dysfunction as well as working with cancer survivors and diabetics. Additionally, Kyle runs Timberhill’s Back Clinic and is trained in kinesiology taping and assisted soft tissue mobilization.

Kari Jaques
Personal Trainer:

Kari has been a Personal Trainer since 2011. Her specialty is MMA, heavy bag training and weight loss. She enjoys water sports, obstacle course racing with her husband, and has 2 daughters.