General Pool Info

All our indoor pools and hot tubs are run on a “salt” system for sanitation.  This makes the water feel “softer” and it is easier on your eyes, skin, hair, and suit.  Our outdoor pool is solar heated and uses chlorine for sanitation.

Our “Big Pool” is a 5 lane 25 yard pool that is kept at 82 degrees. We have a variety of classes offered and all classes are on-going so you may join at any time. At least 2 lanes are reserved at all times for lap swimming.  The hot tub adjacent to this pool is kept at 104 degrees and is for members 18 years and older only.

Our “warm pool” is 40 feet long and 4 feet deep and is kept at 92 degrees.  This makes it ideal for walking, therapy, and swim lessons.  This pool has a large number of classes and is home to our awesome swim lesson program.  There is a hot tub in this area also, that is kept at 101 degrees.

Our outdoor pool area is the “jewel” of our pools and it’s primary function is lap swimming.  It is 5 lanes, 25 yards long and is kept approximately at 85 degrees.

Click to view the current Warm and Big Pool Schedule

Swim Lessons

We have a unique and highly successful learn-to-swim program.  With small classes, and teachers with years of experience, we will improve your swimming skills in no time. We offer year round, private and semi-private lessons for all ages.

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Hydro-Fit & Deep Water Running

Hydro-Fit is a deep water, non-impact, high energy class in the big pool. Flotation cuffs around your ankles and/or float belts around your waist keep you buoyant and increase your lower body resistance. Hand buoys and water gloves are provided for upper body resistance and help to isolate abdominal muscles. The class sequence includes warm-up, aerobic phase, abdominal element, and a stretch and cool down. This class is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. First time participants are encouraged to come to class a few minutes early to be shown how to use the equipment.

Deep Water Running is a high intensity workout is designed with the athlete in mind but is self-paced enough to be appropriate for just about any fitness level. The class includes warm-up, range of motion movements, sprint intervals, and strength/toning segment.

Aqua Dance

A low impact workout which blends dance with water resistance, for one pool party you won’t want to miss!  Water creates natural resistance, which means every step is more challenging and helps tone your muscles.

Joints in Motion & Aqua Fusion

Joints in Motion: A class designed for individuals who suffer from arthritis and other joint issues.  It includes walking, stretching, and various other non-impact movements.  

*NEW* Aqua Fusion: Yoga postures and Pilates exercises combine in the water to form Aqua Fusion.  Movements for strength, flexibility, balance, and relaxation help in building a stronger core by moving from the inside to the outside. Experience relaxing, strengthening, lengthening and calming effects with movements taken from yoga and Pilates to lengthen and strengthen muscles through concentrated action.  Suitable for all fitness levels.

Water Walking & Water Fitness

Water Walking: This non-aerobics class in the warm pool is a perfect starting point for new water class participants or for those recovering from injury or other therapeutic conditions. The class sequence includes a warm up, low to no impact work, stretching, and resistance training using the weight of the water in combination with hand buoys. The water walking class is a close knit group who loves to welcome new participants.

Water Fitness:  A slower moving class for all ages which includes stretching, range of motion, and toning moves. 

Kids Swim Workout

This is a supervised lap swimming class, offered to kids who are members that are able to swim at least 50 yards.  Participants will have fun while working on their stroke, and endurance. There is no registration or fee for this class so drop in any time.

Visit the SCHEDULES page to view the Kids Swim Workout schedule in the Lap Pool

Water Babies & Water Kids

Water babies is offered to children ages 6 months to 3 years, and their parents. We sing songs and play games to teach the basics of water adjustment, safety, and swimming techniques.

Water Kids is offered to children ages 2.5 to 4 years and their parents and is a transition class from water babies to swim lessons.  A parent will need to accompany the child in the pool. 

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