Secrets To Never Missing a Workout

By Vikki Fuhrman, Timberhill Member Since 2014

Do you find it easy to talk yourself out of workouts? The truth is, even gym rats have days when they don’t “feel” like working out, and yet relentlessly show up. I am a busy wife, mom, and business owner, and have days when I don’t feel like working out. So, how can you harness that workout loyalty like the pros, even when you don’t feel like it? This article features key skills to ramp up your workout devotion.

First, and most importantly, what’s important about working out to you? Perhaps you would like to get in shape for an upcoming event, or stay in shape. Would you like to lose weight, or is exercise a stress outlet? The more detailed you can be about “why,” the better, because this is what ultimately pulls you forward toward those desired results you want. If you miss multiple workouts a week, work with a personal trainer, or health coach to help you discover specific, measurable, and achievable goals that resonate with you. It is worth invested time into this notion.

If you find yourself skipping workouts, consider for a moment, what’s taking priority from getting your sweat on? One of my fool proof tips, from my coaching practice, that helps clients honor workout commitments, is to create an “anchor.” An anchor is something from your physical environment, that reminds you why you are working out in the first place, and serves as a pattern interrupter when you’re tempted to skip workouts, and do something else not aligned with your overall goals.

It’s important to pick three to five anchors that incorporate your five senses: touch, smell, hear, see and taste. (This helps your brain pre-load up on all those feel good hormones that have you feeling the benefits of your workout before even doing it.) Next, place them where they can be seen every day to remind you why you are hitting the gym! Here are a few examples from my past clients:  favorite pre-loaded workout playlist queued up and ready to go on your phone, fresh gym clothes neatly folded or in a nice gym bag on the front seat of your car or desk, motivating quotes on computer home screen reflecting your goals, and inspirational body images saved to your phone screen. Comment below this article if you already have some favorite anchors in place that you can share with us!

Secondly, what can you do if someone, or something else steals your workout vibe? One keystone to consistent workouts is clearing clutter to set up conditions for inevitable success. What might be getting in the way of your workouts? This could be clutter in your environment, but one hidden area of clutter, most people don’t consider, is on their calendar!  We always make room and say YES to what we value, and feels good in any given moment. Overbooking your time greatly increases the chances of feeling tired, and burned out thus missing your workout. Block scheduling time in your calendar will enable you to make every workout. Say NO to one or two commitments this week, so you can easily say YES to your workouts!

What can you do if you’re still struggling to get to the gym? Enlisting help and support to deepen your connection to the role exercise plays in your life, can make all the difference in getting the results and body you desire. Here at Timberhill we have personal trainers that can make sure your workout goals are in alignment with your desired outcomes. Reach out for support if you need more help!


Vikki Fuhrman is a wife, mom of two growing boys, and a member at Timberhill Athletic Club. She is a health and wellness coach, and practitioner here in Corvallis. She passionately helps people uncover the obstacles that get in the way of living a simple, and healthy life.