Dyna-bands: A stretch in the right direction!

By Chantal Chevalier

Summer time is finally here and what a welcome time of year. Along with all the summer plans and schedule changes comes the stress of being apart from the former fitness regime.   A great tool for the summer is the versatile DynaBand. I recently spent 16 days traveling in Europe I was surprised to learn that the typical gym or fitness center is no where to be found so I was very glad I packed my DynaBand on this trip. A DynaBand can accomplish muscle toning and is a great piece of equipment to aide in stretching and lengthening those sore muscles obtained by running from town to town hoping to cram every tourist attraction into a couple of weeks.

Packing a DynaBand is easy and light. Make sure your band is without flaws and long enough to do squats with out tearing. Chose a challenging resistance the more challenging bands have less stretch. I  started my workout with standing squats and bicep curls. Static leg lunges and tricep kick backs. Standing slides for abductors and cross overs for adductors: inner and outer thighs. I then did knee to chest combined with a pec press holding the band across my back and pressing forward. On the floor I did push ups then rows  placing the band along the bottom of the feet and squeezing the shoulder blades: great for posture. Then the one hundred abdominal crunch with the band across my quads. Finally stretching the calves ,hamstrings and quads. Voila!! Simple, quick, and effective.

There are  lots of on line resources for a large variety of band exercises find your favorite and mix it up. Stop by the front desk at Timberhill Athletic Club to purchase your DynaBand today!  Remember to have fun and be creative, work out on the deck and enjoy the view.  Happy travels!

Chantal is a substitute instructor at Timberhill Athletic Club and can teach a variety of classes such as Yoga, Pilates, Strength Training, Cycling, and more!

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